Legalization of documents with Apostille

 Apostille Service:

If you need to have your documents legalized to send to your country, we can notarize, get an Apostille and Fedex/UPS to your embassy, consulate or country. 

How can I get an Apostille fast?

ONE STEP: Get the Apostille Request Form, fee, address etc. are in that form. 

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What does it mean Apostille?  It is common for notarized documents which will be sent to other countries to also require an Apostille. Apostille is a French word, which means a certification.  

The word is commonly used in English referring to the legalization of a document for international use under the terms of the 1961 Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. 

Documents which have been notarized by a Notary Public, (power of attorney, any other document written by you) and then certified/authenticated with an Apostille are accepted for legal use in all the nations that have signed the Hague Convention. 

Other documents, such as marriage, birth and death certificates, and academic diplomas from public institutions do not need to be notarized to get an Apostille. In the United States, Apostilles are issued by the Secretary of State

Consulate, Embassy legalization, authentication of personal and business documents
Save time and money

Type of documents 
Power of attorney
Certificate of Incorporation
Certificate of Goodstanding
Certificate of Amendment
Certificate of Incumbency
Documents for Avoiding Double Taxation
IRS Form 6166
Corporate Forms
Letter of invitation
Licenses and Permits
death certificate
Vital records
Single status affidavit
school records
power of attorney
Divorce decree, certificate
Educational documents
Letter fo invitation
Children's Travel Consent Letter

Shipping: You can use your Fedex, UPS accounts, a prepaid envelope or we can send documents
Regular mail, Fedex overnight or internationally

United States and foreign companies
Couriers: Fedex, UPS, DHL, 
The country of destination determines whether the authentication is an Apostille or Certification.

Apostilles and certifications only certify to the authenticity of the signature of the official who signed the document, the capacity in which that official acted, and when appropriate, the identity of the seal or stamp which the document bears. The apostille or certification does not validate the contents of the document.  
The California Secretary of State authenticates signatures only on documents issued in the State of California signed by a notary public or the following public officials and their deputies: 
County Clerks or Recorders
Court Administrators of the Superior Court
Executive Clerks of the Superior Court
Officers whose authority is not limited to any particular county
Executive Officers of the Superior Court
Judges of the Superior Court
State Officials

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Como puedo obtener una Apostilla?
Legalize sus documentos con Apostilla;  tendran validez legal al usarse en el exterior. 

Para usar nuestro Servicio de Apostilla, Apostillado:  
1.  El costo, tiempo y direccion estan en el Formulario para pedir Apostilla. Pida el formulario llenando la informacion en la pagina de Contacto 

2. Envíe sus documentos hoy y estarán listos mañana.

COSTO:  Cuando llame, haga referencia al cupón: SIMDIF18 para obtener el siguiente descuento de Apostilla $110 el primer documento, $75 cada documento adicional.

Recuerde:  Sus documentos tienen que 
         1) estar firmados por el funcionario del estado y no pueden tener más de 5 años de haber sido emitidos. 
         2) Estar firmados y notariados por un notario publico actualmente comisionado por el estado de California.  (Notario Publico en Estados Unidos no es un abogado/licenciado, y no puede darle ningun consejo legal; consulte con un abogado si tiene preguntas legales) 
Si tiene cualquier pregunta por favor llame 7:30am-7:30pm hora del Pacífico, lunes- domingo.

As a Notary Public of the state of California, I am bound by the laws of California.  A Notary Public is not a legal representative and/or attorney licensed to practice law.  Please consult an attorney if you have any legal concerns.